What a differance a day (or 2) makes

My last post was about my elevated heart rate. Well I decided to take Saturday off and just did a little 25 minute, real easy run Sunday (so I only had 23.2 mile week but did bike 44.6 miles). This is down after two weeks of 30 plus mile weeks.

Today I woke with a resting heart rate down 16 beats (78 to 62) from Friday and I ran, in the rain (I loved it) and I ran 20 second a mile faster that the week before, same course, with an average heart rate of 132. I am really enjoying the runs more often than not. That is a nice feeling after not wanting to run ever again last October. A little rest is all it takes. I love monitoring my heart rate!

Saw many did a great job at Trail Mix. Maybe Steve Quick should be my Idol. He looked like hell and pulled off his first 100 a week before and some pictures make him look like he was suffering at Trail Mix yet he runs a time I can only dream of running. Karen Gall should get a Kudo’s. She has a hard year and still finishes race after race. Wayne had a tend of improving his race times, until this one… but this course was not the same as last year and he did run faster than 2007, so I argue the streak live!!!

Getting ready to volunteer this Saturday at Chippewa. Weather is iffy, but it will be a whole lot better than last year! Will see many of you there, and wish you well.

Carry on…

I am heading



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3 responses to “What a differance a day (or 2) makes

  1. Beth

    So glad that you are rested and feeling like yourself again. Have fun with your volunteering- I’m sure it will be appreciated!

  2. SteveQ

    Maybe after Chippewa, when they’re shoveling what’s left of me into a car, you’ll change your mind about that idol thing.

  3. Wayne

    Glad you’re feeling better, Londell. See you at Chippewa. And I like that you’re lobbying for the streak… maybe I’ll count it as good but with a * by it. 🙂

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