Ice bath question, other stuff…

OK, here is a simple question? Maybe… If you ice bath, how do you do it? I have a few times and experimented a few ways to reduce the issue of getting into the tub. The first time, I put 5 pounds of ice in the tub of cold water and got in fromt he waist down. The police should have been called if the neighbors were home… Also, used some words I thought I also use on my first 100 mile attempt…

Did not last long. Then I tried putting the cold water in the tub, getting in, then adding ice. Still was a little painful experience. So the past two times, I sat in the tub, turned on the cold water, let it fill with me in it. Then after about two minutes, poured in the ice. Manageable process. I would stay in for about 15-20 minutes, then get out and wait about 30 minutes before taking a hot shower. Anyone out there care to share your secret of success in the Ice Bath practice? Could be, I just need to admit I am a wimp?

Saturday I went to the Cinco-de-mayo festival in St Paul. I really was a little out of my element but it was fun. Saw some interesting people. Took me until today to understand what a Jethro belt was? Even more to figure out the sign. But it appears it was a piece of rope for sale for $1. Jethro Bodine (Beverly Hillbillies) used it for a belt… Nice concept for income? I also had a few interesting photo’s from people watching. Sometimes I think people watching is the best part of these things? Other photos below. Gotta love a high power zoom lense?

I went to run a 15K in Rochester Saturday AM. Shelley did not think she could do it, but I knew she could. I had a OK run and she finished 1:44:24. I finished 1 second later. The cool this is she accomplished something I have never accomplished. She passed a few runners, but never was passed. My left Plantar Fascia was still a little sore and my right knee was stiff, but better.

Will start regular weight training as my lower body is better but still need a little break. I have lifted weight once or twice a week in the past, but I am going to add more structure.

Carry on…



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4 responses to “Ice bath question, other stuff…

  1. Kel

    I haven't seen a lot of peer reviewed research regarding ice baths for recovery, but here's the results from 1 study that I dug up from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning:This particular study used contrast baths rather than just cold: protocol was to immerse the lower body to the top of the hip bone for 1 minute in cold water (temp 45-50 degrees F) followed immediately by immersion for 2 minutes in hot water (temp 104-108 degrees F). Alternate between cold & hot 5 times for a total of 15 minutes.The findings of this study indicate that strength, power, and muscle soreness improved with contrast baths compared to the control group which did nothing but rest. I should also mention that the baths were done immediately after a high intensity weight lifting session rather than endurance exercise lasting several hours.One primary hypothesis as to why contrast baths may help is basically that alternating between hot and cold creates a "pumping" action in the muscle and lymphatic tissues (everything contracts when cold and expands/dilates when warm). This may help to reduce swelling and eliminate metabolic waste products from muscle tissue.I have seen other studies about cryotherapy mentioned briefly, but did not get enough info to be useful. For example, a study on well trained 5K runners used cold water immersion, but didn't list the water temp, duration of immersion, etc. They had mixed results. Another study immersed in 59 degree F water for 15 minutes every 12 hours for 3 days with no improvement in performance.The biggest challenge of contrast baths is logistical (who has 2 tubs to have 1 hot & 1 cold?) – unless you run between Lake Superior and the hot tub during the North Shore races ;)Anyhoo, it sounds like perhaps you're trying to get your ice bath too cold! Perhaps just try cold water in the 45-50 degree range? Maybe alternate 1 min cold with 2 minutes under an electric blanket x 5?Good luck!

  2. Beth

    I like the new picture at the top of your blog. Glad you had a fun race this weekend. Sorry I can’t help you with the ice bath… I’m too wimpy to try it. I thought I saw a study on that said they don’t help… but tons of people swear by them.

  3. Matthew Patten

    Forget the ice.Just use cold water.I go into the tub so it covers the legs completely. 5-10 minutes.I use my ice for crash chilling yeast starters instead.

  4. brothergrub

    Get a plastic trash can that is big enough for you to immerse what ever parts you want to freeze up – make it as small as you can get away with (less water and ice..) then put on some socks and pull them over your toes so they don’t freeze off – Next step into a high quality garbage bag and then into the ice water – This keeps your toes from freezing (that’s usually what makes me curse) You stay dry and frigid – you can isolate what you want to freeze by covering that area up – The key is the garbage bag…

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