20 mile week, bad Doc visit..

Well I ran through pain and got over a 20 mile week and was planning another 15 over the weekend. However…

I broke down and made another appointment to see the specialist about my right knee. It was May 20, 2008 when I broke down and went in and I got a HGH shot and all was well. Training was good starting at a 15 mile week in February and slowly building to a 30 miles week after 10 weeks. Then one night, I was hanging out at a friends place and BANG, my knee was in pain. I went to see the regular doc who has that wait and see attitude. I did wait and see and I have nursed that for weeks now and enough was enough.

This time, I made an appointment with the specialist I saw last year. A 5 PM appointment on a Friday night non-the-less. I was meeting with him and discussing the issues when I recalled I woke with a strange bruise a year ago? The picture of my leg on the left is the mysterious bruise I woke with one day… for no apparent reason. This was last fall, if I recalled right.

I never had it checked but I also did not run at all for months after that pain. It was just so strange as I thought hard and had no idea where it came from? I only knew that after 10 weeks of regular training starting at 15 miles and working up to 30 miles a week over that period, I should not have the pain I am having.

Anyway, the Doc took several ex rays and then felt pressure points all over the knee. Then he hit one that sent me to the moon! He quickly said he has no doubt I have torn cartilage. I am going to schedule an MRI next week. This will tell me the extent of the issue. We both agree this was most likely the result of my fall on the ice in March of 2008 and then the “bang” my knee took at my friends house was a double whammy to make it bad enough for the MRI to determine the level of treatment and repair.

So he gave me another dose of cortisone and told me if the pain is bad the week before Grandma’s, come in for another so I can make my 25 year goal. Then Afton and Superior are most likely out of the question as I get this taken care of as time allows. It has hampered my training for 16 months already…

After the Doctor’s visit and the shot, I went home and turned on the TV and there was MASH. I love the show. It was an episode where Trapper had promised a young soldier who has a young daughter he would save his leg. Turned out, gang green required amputation. Trapper was saddened and sickened at his failure to keep his promise. When the soldier woke and Trapper had to tell him the news, the soldier was not saddened. He asked Trapper not to tell his wife? Trapper asked why? He said on Saturday night, he loves to go out dancing and his wife likes to stay in and snuggle and he does not want his wife to hide his wooden leg to stop him from going out. I almost cried. Amazing how we look at things and think so many negative that we often forget the positives.

I know I have been more negative than positive the past month. Just get into a funk. It is hard when I have a hard time even walking without heavy pain. But I am walking… So many people wish they had such an opportunity. I am surely blessed as we all are and i need to remember that…

I also learned this week a good friend and co-worker has stage 4 melanoma which has attacked other organs. They say 6 months is all that he may have. Sad… He is 42. I also read the post on Cynthia Brochman on Chad’s blog. She is so brave! How these people keep the spirit is beyond comprehension for me, yet they do. I pray for them both as they have both been given the worse of news… May god be with them.

Life Is Too Short so Break The Rules,
Forgive Quickly,
Kiss Slowly,
Love Truly,
Laugh Uncontrollably,
And Never Regret Anything That Made You Smile.
Life May Not Be The Party we Hoped For,
But While We’re Here,
We Should Dance…

Carry on!



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2 responses to “20 mile week, bad Doc visit..

  1. Diane

    Sorry to hear that the news wasn’t the greatest, but good to know that you seem to have answers and a plan and you will be able to do Grandma’s.

  2. Beth

    Sad news all around. I’m glad that your doc is going to help you get to Grandma’s for the 25th time- amazing. You are right- there are so many inspirational people all around us, all following their own path. I’m so sorry about your friend. Just very sad…

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