I was looking for a little motivation for my upcoming Grandma’s venture. What do I need to get me through this difficult 25th year. I found it (or at least one I think should work great!) A fellow runner wrote in his blog about a recent marathon where he wanted to quit several times. Then he (Mike) wrote:

“Then two things popped in my head – they have a 7 hour time limit and what would Steve do? The bottom line is I knew I had enough time to walk it in and I knew what Steve would do, he would finish.

I have seen Steve running like he had cerebral palsy from massive fatigue, and still finished. He usually goes out way to fast on longer races and crashes into a brick wall… but he keeps running into the wall until it falls over, out of the way and he finishes! He finishes with broken bones, bloody messes and many other “mishaps“. So if I have trouble, the first thing I will think is W.W.S.D. — FINISH.

Thanks Mike… and thanks Steve…

Carry on!



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4 responses to “W.W.S.D.

  1. Wayne

    That's the spirit, Londell!! :)I'll be up there spectating and will be watching for you to finish.

  2. SteveQ

    I… for once… have nothing to say! Best of luck at G'ma's.

  3. RunWesty

    Best of luck Londell, enjoy the day.

  4. Beth

    Well, Steve is a fantastic role model, but let's try to finish without the broken bones, okay? I'm sending all my good vibes your way. I know you'll do great!

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