Glad I am alive… REALLY

I was riding my bike Saturday and the unthinkable occurred. I still have not returned to the scene of the crime (really no crime, just a phrase) to work out the entire details, but long story short, I had a major bike crash. Not with a car, not with a truck, but I somersaulted over the handlebars and landed headfirst. The front wheel is totally crunched. My opinion is the proper fitting helmet definitely saved my life. I wish I had a better memory of all the details?

My trail running experience also saved me, big time. I quickly was in a tuck and roll position and hit right front head first, the right shoulder, then on down the body. My face has a nice lump on the right temple and some minor scrapes. The right hand had the most blood while the rest of the body was more of a scrapes and bruise issues. The most problematic result is a concussion. I was dizzy and lost sense of where I was after the accident. This had happened once before so now two concussions in my life… I do not want another.

I cannot lift my right arm but the ex-rays verified no breaks. I can not laugh without rib pain but no breaks there either. If I use my left arm to support the lifting, I can lift my right arm up with less pain each day, so far… I think if I could take Advil, I would not feel like I do but as I have surgery soon, no anti-inflammatory… Bummer.

I can only think I would be dead without that properly fitting helmet. In a post over a year ago I reported my friend Dana died from a bike accident and was wearing a helmet. What I did not report is her helmet was said not to properly fitted. So I guess in her death I learned something that I believe saved my life? I know we never can tell the future but the picture above actually makes the helmet look good… if you saw my helmet damage up lose, you would agree.

So now I have more than one reason to rest after my surgery Friday… I am lucky to only have a concussion…

Carry on…



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9 responses to “Glad I am alive… REALLY

  1. RunWesty

    Glad it turned out ok, it's amazing how quick things can wrong. Now rest easy and good luck with the surgery so you can get back out and enjoy the safety of the trails.

  2. Wayne

    Wow, Londell, I'm glad you're ok! Get everything put back together and then we'll see you back on the trails.

  3. Scott Mark

    Thank goodness you made it through that – what a scare. Take it easy already! I think you have enough going on. 😉

  4. Kel

    Yikes! Glad you walked away from that one…Good luck with your surgery – hope to see you back out on the trails soon 🙂

  5. SteveQ

    Wow. Take care! Hope the surgery goes better than the ride.

  6. Karen G

    I am glad you are Ok!!! I hate hearing stories like that because I don't wear a bike helmet and probably don't plan to, not that I ride all that much.

  7. Beth

    I'm so glad that you are okay. So true about the right fitting helmet. You are living proof as to how important it is. Take care of yourself and good luck with the surgery. Take it easy!

  8. Helen

    Wow – scary stuff. Thank god the helmet did it's job. Rest up and good luck with the surgery.

  9. Diane

    Scary! I'm very glad that you're okay. Makes me want to run and make sure my helmet fits correctly (especially thinking about my couple rides down the mountain highways!)

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