Took off bandages

Today is the day I took off the bandages. I could have yesterday but I was to tired to deal with it. The knee does not hurt much but I can not bend it much past 60 degrees. It is swollen more than I thought I would see so i continue to ice it. I have taken very little pain medicine. When I have, it was for the right shoulder pain I have left from the bike accident.

Tonight I will walk a little without the crutch and without all the wrapping. It feels funny? Sort of weak and funny but might be more from the swelling than anything. It has only been 79 hours since the surgery so i guess I should not expect much more.

That is a minor update. I am still weeks away from any hope of running, but at least I can walk. Not sure how far nor am I that worried about that right now.

Carry on…


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  1. Beth

    A friend of mine is an ER nurse. She says that studies have shown that people who take their pain meds heal faster. Pain triggers more inflamation. Take care of yourself and I'm glad that you are walking and on the road to recovery.

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