I can sit

Finally, I have the ability to bend my knee 90 degrees. I can now sit normally. Although, there are arguments I can do anything normally. I think by the weekend I may start walking or light biking? Makes me wonder, as I have not in the past, should I count walking miles as training miles? I often wondered that. Walking is an important part of an ultra? So do you count walks? If you do, which ones? Should they not count unless they are over a certain distance or time? What about pace? Casual walks as opposed to brisk walks?

I am not sure. Given I have had the surgery and I need to make a slow comeback, I think I will count all miles as training. I think the software uses running, biking and other. I will just place them under other?

Either way, nice to get some movement on the leg. Just taking is slow and easy!

Carry on.



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2 responses to “I can sit

  1. Wayne

    You're making progress, that's the main thing!

  2. Carl Gammon

    Yes, it all counts: first to heal, then to get into ultra form.

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