Dumb, Smart, or in between?

I was feeling better and the knee was feeling OK so I decided to try a walk. I planned a short 1 mile walk. Nice and easy. Just nice to get out. My other option was a small bike ride but my right shoulder is still very painful and getting on the bike was way to painful to risk it. So I walked…

Before I got three blocks, my knee started to hurt. So I turned around. It got worse. So I hobbled home and now I have it elevated with ice. I do not think I hurt it, as I did not have any pain medicine at all today but had had it the last three days.

So I guess I am less confident right now. But that is all part of the healing process. I thought much about the friends doing the Voyageur 50 today. The forecast was nice temps but rain. Someday, I have to do that race as I never have. It is the same weekend each year I have a event I am referee for… Although, I think this may be my last year of tennis? I said that last year as well? I know for sure i am stepping back so i will have more time for other things.

Anyway, RICE it is and maybe I will try a walk Wednesday. I have a follow-up with the surgeon on Tuesday.

Carry on…



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6 responses to “Dumb, Smart, or in between?

  1. RunWesty

    Sounds like fairly normal post-op pain, good choice to ice it and give it few days. It will take a few weeks before you are back. Keep healing, you will be walking normally soon and running shortly there after. Just need a bit of patience over the next few days and weeks. Look forward to seeing you out there soon.

  2. Don

    I say smart, thinking long term.

  3. Diane

    Glad to hear surgery went well and your recovery has started. I don't think trying to go for a walk was dumb, but I think it was smart to realize your limits and turn around when you experienced the pain.

  4. SteveQ

    I thought of you on the power lines: my knee hurt, but not like yours. I think you'd like the course, though it has more asphalt than you'd probably like.

  5. Beth

    Good luck at your appointment today. Sounds smart to take it slow and just see how you feel each day.

  6. Kel

    Hang in there Londell! You've been through too much to mess it up by trying to come back too soon. Sounds like you made the right choice šŸ™‚

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