Great weather / Farmers Market

Wow what a nice weekend. I was not able to bike, did walk little. Swimming (well moving in the pool) was nice. I had to get out so I went to the Minneapolis Farmers market. People say there is such a hard time finding a place to park. Well I did not find that at all. There was plenty of parking to fit my car because people do not how to park and they always leave enough space for me, but not most other cars…

Throughout the metro farmers markets have grown in number but this is by far still my favorite… I did get a whole bunch of vegi’s now just looking for creative ways to cook them or mix them cold into a great salad.



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4 responses to “Great weather / Farmers Market

  1. Minneapolis Farmers Market

    You are smart. Thanks for shopping our market!

  2. Wayne

    That's a great picture, Londell!! 🙂

  3. Helen

    Love the picture. And the comment from the Farmer's market!! Thanks for the reminder – I don't visit there often enough.

  4. Beth

    Very funny picture of the car. I've lived here 5 years and never made it to the Farmers' Market. I will have to work on that! Sounds like fun.

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