Pride and joy

My son returned from Germany late Tuesday night. I took Wednesday off from work and we did many things we have delayed. It was nice. He was a little tired from the flight and I still icing the shoulder and the knee.

His trip back was a welcome surprise to him. The flight was full so they upgraded him into first class. He was thrilled! The 8 hour flight and he had a recliner, private TV, electric hook-up for the laptop. He was in a state of prime luxury. Could be the last time?

He will be here for 12 days and then we pack up and head to Colorado where he gets right back into the grind of school once again. He sure has matured. No longer a kid but a young man. I am so proud. As a parent, you could not ask for a better gift than the happiness and success of your child.

I did ride the exercise bike twice this week. Easiest setting, 3 miles in 20 minutes Monday and 5 miles in 29 minutes today. My knee hurt a little each time but it was nice to move… So I may try to ride my real bike this weekend, depending on the weather.

Carry on…


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  1. Beth

    I'm so happy for you that you are getting to spend time with your son. There is nothing better than watching kids grow up and enjoy the people they are becoming. I bet it feels great to be on the bike!

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