The Stripper’s Guide

I was visiting with an old college friend and I was showing her pictures and telling her about my running attempts. There was a picture of Al Holtz in the mix and I said his name and told her he finished a 150 mile race… Ultra god to me? She said “you mean Al Holtz, author of the strippers guide.” I looked at her and said “what”. I guess there is a guy in Florida named Alan Holtz who has a blog called “The Stripper’s Guide”!

I could only think this is far from the Al Holtz I knew. Then I looked, and thought, I could see Al posting this blog? Or maybe I do not know Al that well? I actually could see Steve Quick doing it more than Al?

Anyway, how did you react when you read the name of the blog and when you saw what the topic was? Kind of a nice play on words, huh…

Other than that, the weight keeps going up (262) and I did start riding the stationary bike more this week. I think I got 25 miles in? Had an MRI on my shoulder. Been five weeks and the pain at times is still like I could imagine a bullet feeling like. I will keep pressing. The good thing is I maxed out my deductibles so from here on out, I guess I do not need to worry about the medical expense? But I am still very conservative. Not being concerned about costs only hurt premiums…

Leaving tomorrow for Colorado for a few days. Getting my son situated in his apartment about a mile from campus. Wish all well in the races upcoming. I think Wayne has Pikes Peak this weekend and many next weekend in deadwood? I should try going… Deadwood, sounds like the legs!

Carry on!



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3 responses to “The Stripper’s Guide

  1. SteveQ

    Mine would be more a guide to strippers (ecdysiasts).

  2. Beth

    That was funny. I figured it had to be something unexpected so I was imagining stripping wallpaper… boy am I boring. I hope you have a great time with your son in Colorado and I hope the shoulder feels better soon.

  3. keith

    I AM DISAPPOINTED IN THE BLOG TITLE VERSUS THE CONTENT.Just kidding. Hey Londell glad to hear you're still doing the bike and taking care of business!

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