Burger verdict / new blog & more

Well, I have made a conclusion that real beef is better. Hard to believe but true in my mind. I have decided that veggie-burgers are OK, but the best nutritionally overall is real beef (97/3) and my dry pulp left from the morning juice. I feel better with that combination. I also will make them with a little coconut oil… No sodium… I do not even season them… M M GOOD. Maybe next year at a fat ass run that I can actually run, I will supply the burgers? Any interest?

I have been biking/walking more. Total 47.5 miles biking last week plus 12 miles of walking. Sure feels nice to get some workouts under the belt, even though they are not killers, they still push the knee a little. I see the Doc tomorrow (Tuesday, September 8) but have no hope of getting clearance to run… I know that based on the pain. I also will start physical therapy on the shoulder next week. Hope that is all I need? I am almost thinking I should tell the Doc that I could do therapy on the knee at the same time? Physical therapy on the right knee and right shoulder… Nothing is left. (pun intended)

Last, I have started a new blog. It is called Daily Shot. (http://timetopicts.blogspot.com/) I did so for two reasons. 1) I have my new camera and I-Phone 3Gs and practically everyday I see something that is cool and deserves to be preserved in a picture. 2) Friends have been talking about Julia/Julia (the movie) and how the younger cooked her way through a the elder’s cookbook each day and put it on a blog (The real blog).

Well, I am going to see if I can post 365 consecutive, interesting pictures (or possibly a video’s from the I-Phone). One each day… All unique from my daily experiences… I was thinking why a new blog as opposed to putting them here? It allows me to post daily without comments and here, this is more about my life, that is about other subject matter. Some may not care about the pictures, other about the life, so separate Blogs is the final answer.

Carry on…


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  1. Beth

    Good luck with the new blog. I will have to check it out! Good luck at the Doc. I'm sure he/she will be impressed with your progress. You are doing great!

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