Superior Blues

The past three years, I had journeyed to the north shore to run a looooonnnnngggg race. First the 50 mile in 2006 which was a success and then 2 attempts at the 100 mile where I did not succeed. Although this year, sitting home watching the first football game of the season (a real bore), I can not help but think about the many friends and others who are about to venture out to finish a great race. It is a great race because of many factors, but in any event I have ever been involved in, it is the people who make it great!

The core of compassionate, caring and knowledgeable friends who put this on year after year is unmatched in any other armature event I have participated in. Larry, Don, Bonnie, Scott, Colleen, and so many others put that event on, without pay. I do not want to diminish the great successes of all those who will finish, but without that core group and all the volunteers, they would not even start. They can never be thanked enough…

Good luck to all and I am saddened that I will not be there with you running or volunteering. Life just throws a curve ball and I am smart enough not to swing.

Carry on…


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One response to “Superior Blues

  1. Beth

    I'm so glad you are giving credit to all the volunteers. I'm always amazed at races at how many people gave up their day just to help someone else reach their goals. You, however, aren't giving yourself enough credit. Life did throw you a curve ball but you are taking good care of yourself. You will be back out there again soon. Life is long and bad things are bound to happen, but we have to, as you say, carry on. You are doing just that!

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