Been busy. (And keeping up a second blog with daily entries is not easy. Check out one picture, cool!) If you missed the previous post, I am going to try to post an interesting picture every day at Time to picts – Daily Shot.)

Work is picking up and Fall tennis is here. I have complained twice on this blog I need to quit officiating tennis, but I enjoy it, more than running… But that is not fair, I still cannot run and I am sure if I quit tennis for 2 months, I would not miss it either. (Although, I feel like I could run which means the knee is getting better!) I have had two PT sessions and my shoulder feels much better. Amazing what the right exercises can do for a ailing body.

Superior has come and gone but I am surprised I have not seen many reports yet? A few good ones but still waiting to hear about the run from a few pals… Especially some who have the hated DNF… I am interested in hearing what they thought went right, what went wrong…

Oh well, I will keep looking for posts, keep up the PT. Maybe before I know it, I will be able to run and looking to have a DNF myself? They are the best sources to learn from, nothing to be ashamed of. Especially on that BEAST – Superior trail!

Carry on!



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  1. Scott

    Londell I feel the same way as you about the reports – last year I loved reading all of the detailed reports for days/weeks after the event. I guess it was too uncomfortable for many to want to re-live in detail. Bummer for the rest of us.Hope things are going better and better with the knee, hang in there!

  2. Beth

    You are making so much progress. You will be running again in no time and have your own adventures to tell about. I agree, I haven't seen any race reports but have heard a lot about it. They are probably still recovering. Enjoy tennis for now.

  3. Helen

    Glad to hear the PT is going well. I thought my shin was improving a lot mid-week but seems worse today. Still, I bring it on myself! The tennis sounds fun – great to mix it up and have other interests.

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