One Sick Ignoramus

I finally went to the regular Doc today after feeling like crap for weeks. I just brushed it off as seasonal allergies and have been putting up with the crap that comes with it. But I was getting worse and now that I have been pain free in the knee and riding bike (PT has done wonders for the shoulder), my lungs and energy level were just not there. I was so tired but could not breathe when I laid down and woke often in the night…

Well he stocked me up on meds… WOW. I have a sinus infection, bronchitis and a middle ear infection. My head was in so much pain. We also did a blood test and my Vitamin D level is low again? My Doc is sending me to a nutritionist to evaluate what may be going on. I think I eat right, but I guess I will find out?

So I have four medicines of a variety the guy on the street corner would be envious of? I hope by Monday I am better so i can at least enjoy a workout without feeling dizzy, weak and light headed. Well, ever since my bike crash my head is still an issue bit some think I was born that way. Either way, drugging myself up and looking forward to improving… Why is is men take so long to go to the Doc?

Although I am very superstitious and today is my birthday! So I take all this as a 47th present to myself!

Carry on…



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6 responses to “One Sick Ignoramus

  1. SteveQ

    Take care! I frequently get sinus infections and earaches tend to go with them. I never get any meds for it though! Must be the bronchitis that got you the good stuff.

  2. Kel

    Happy Birthday Londell!Hope you are on the mend and ready to get back out on the trails 🙂

  3. Beth

    Happy Birthday! Geez, I'm glad you finally went to the doctor. You are really sick! Take care and get some rest.

  4. Helen

    Happy Birthday!!! Feel better soon.

  5. Wayne

    Sounds like you'll be feeling great in a little while, once the meds do their job. Happy Birthday, eat some ice cream! (Ok, it's now Sunday so eat some today if you missed it yesterday.)

  6. Diane

    Happy b-day! And feel better soon!

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