Ups, downs, biopsies…

I had a great start to the week. PT on the shoulder has me lifting weights pain free (about 60% of what I was before the bike crash). The Doc has not given me clearance to run, but walking is not even slightly painful. So I jumped on the treadmill, cranked it up to 15% (the maximum there is) and went for a mile walk. That is 20 minutes and was a good workout. So I did it again the next day, and it felt great. I am not running but I was perspiring harder than I have in a long time. And all I could think of is Diane Farmer’s successful ST 100 training… Cranks the treadmill high and walk til you die. I felt like I could walk another mile but wanted to ease in…

Then I woke the third morning and did not feel pain, but my knee was bruised. It look like I hit on something but have no clue what that may have been. Looks like a vampire bit me! The bruise over the size of a dollar coin! Oh well, I had to take time to do other things anyway as I am referee for the NCAA Regional and had to get the draws set up.

Besides the NCAA Tennis referee thing, I have had some problems in my esophagus, I have been horse for some time and as reported earlier, I went to the Doc and got medicines to cure the pains. But my throat was not better at all. Today, I had Upper GI endoscopy, sometimes called EGD (esophagogastroduodenoscopy). This was intended to be a visual examination of the upper intestinal tract. There were unexplained growths. So several biopsies were taken and now I get to wait a few weeks for the results. (I should have asked for a few for Steve to analyze? I think he loves that stuff…) Sucks but I think of about Don (Check out his blog about running or the blog about his illness) and many others who have much more demanding issues and realize, I am blessed to have had so few issues my whole life!

Been keeping up a picture a day on the other blog… Hard to find or take really cool pictures each day. Although, the one from earlier this week is just cool. What a great idea Emily had… Would have liked to seen the look on Steven’s face, whoever he is!

As I close this post, I am preparing for winter… I am actually looking forward to the cold weather. Not sure why, but I want to feel that crisp air in my lungs, I want to get that sense of tranquility from the white of new fallen snow, and I want to get through 2009. Not been a good year. Last time I had a bad year, I had a few outstanding year… Looking forward to that.

Carry on!



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2 responses to “Ups, downs, biopsies…

  1. Kel

    Sending you good thoughts to end 2009 on a high note šŸ™‚

  2. Beth

    I'm so glad that you are healing and walking pain free. Interesting about the bruise but good that it didn't hurt. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your biopsy. I hate waiting for results… sorry you have to wait so long.

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