I was wrong…

I like the Biggest Loser. I like the heart and soul that often comes with the workouts and results… I was looking forward to this season. Bob and Jill working together. Dan, such a nice kid, back to finish what he started… I thought this was a season of good people. But after tonight, I am just disappointed! Where do some of these people come from? My wise crack answer is their mother, but come on! Today Steve Quick wrote the Biggest Loser is officially a freak show. I guess there is a freak on the show… Does Tracy really have anything going for her? There are those people like the red team who are just great human beings. I feel sorry for Mo! To have such a idiot for a partner, what a bummer! And how can you lose 11 pounds without a trainer and injured, plus eat four cupcakes and supposedly be under such stress… When I stress out, weight gain is the only result.

Oh well, I walked at 15% on the treadmill again for 30 minutes which was 1.7 miles and then rode bike for over an hour. Felt good! On my way up… Looking so forward to Shelley (My girlfriend) finishing her first half-marathon at Whistlestop in 11 days. Looking forward to volunteering at Surph the Murph. Look forward to the treadmill at 15% tomorrow… Yep, looking up!

Carry on…



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4 responses to “I was wrong…

  1. Diane

    Nice! I'm glad to hear that you are getting some nice workouts in. Amen to the 15% incline treadmill walking–you know I swear by that!

  2. Wayne

    Alright, Londell… glad to hear things are going well and looking up! Keep at it.

  3. SteveQ

    I get why people enjoy the show (and obviously I watch it) and I think the world of people who are trying to improve themselves. My main issues with the show this season are: 1)400 pounds is now the norm. People trying to drop some weight can't relate to those who lose 15 pounds a week simply by not being around junk food. 2) They need a team of psychiatrists. No one gets to be 400 pounds without some psychological issue (eg. on the show "Ruby" about a woman who's lost 400 of her 700 pounds thus far, she has an entire decade she can't recall – there's undoubtedly some serious abuse, probably sexual, in her background – she needed to drop weight before dealing with emotional issues as a matter of life and death. This is not the case on the Biggest Loser.)Jillian screaming abuse at people until they cry is NOT helping them. It does make for good TV, though.

  4. Beth

    I recorded it but haven't watched it yet. I've really enjoyed it in seasons past so I hope they haven't jumped the shark this season. Great job on the treadmill and have fun volunteering.

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