Whistlestop, but not to run…

I am on my way to Ashland, WI for the second time in my life. I enjoyed one of the best fall marathons in the nation (in my opinion) there over a decade ago and now to be support for Shelley. She is doing her fist 1/2 marathon. In my history of running, I think like many of my fiends. That being a half marathon, just a boring training run.

Although I look back to 1984. I look back to my first 10K. I remember being nervous and was thinking “what I am doing!”. I finished and recall limping the next two days. This is the same process I had for my first 15K, then 1/2 marathon, then marathon, then 50K, then 50 mile and so on. So I respect those worries and will support those mental barriers I know I had once in my life… In fact, coming back from this knee surgery, I am having these fears about a 2 mile run, once I am cleared.

I know she will be fine physically. I think she is in her best shape ever (well, the past 5 years I have known her). She has been lifting weights as well as several quality training runs and her core and upper body is much stronger. I am more concerned about the mental part of the race. Over the years, I have some to learn, mental training is more important that physical training in longer races, at least for me. Last fall we ran a casual 12.5 miles together when I lied to her about how far we were in the run and I did not give her a watch. At the end of the run, when I told her how far she went, she immediately became very sore and fatigued. The mind is an amazing thing that I truly believe stops results in many more DNF’s than any physical issue overall.

I am looking forward to Carrie Neuburger (Kurt’s wife) also running her first 1/2 marathon. I have not seen them since Afton 50K and I hope her training went well. At this time of the year, should be a great time for pictures and I will have three camera’s. Whistlestop is the best for spectators as well. It is easy to see your runner almost every two miles and a beautiful course. Should be fun!

Carry on…



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2 responses to “Whistlestop, but not to run…

  1. Wayne

    Alright, Londell… glad you can get back up there. Have a blast.And Way to GO, Shelley! You can do it. Enjoy the day!

  2. Kel

    Have a great trip, and GOOD LUCK to Shelley!

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