Knee is fine – The "A" Word

My knee has been so much better. Little pain, although funny thing it is still tender when I kneel on it. But other than that it is OK. The Doctor and I agreed that the best thing to do is to get the weight down before I run on the knee. He informed me that there is a small amount of arthritis (the “A” word). He stated that getting the weight down and slowly increase miles would bring the best success.

So I am happy, but a little nervous with the “A” word. Although, I know of many who fight the same thing and seem to be able to continue the running. Again, he said is was a small area and was not overly concerned, just said the weight will make it worse. I have the new countdown times with the date of April 1, 2010. That means I lose 1.7 pounds per week to make the goal!

I have been doing the treadmill, elliptical and bike. I can now do 30 minutes at 15% at a 22 minute mile carrying 3 pound barbells. A few weeks ago 15 minutes, holding onto the treadmill and no weights killed me. So things are going well, but I am going take the advice and hole of on the impact from running until I get the weight down. I am just happy it feels good, unless I kneel down. What an improvement.

Carry on!



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5 responses to “Knee is fine – The "A" Word

  1. Beth

    That pesky "A" word! I think you are being smart and your knee will reward you when you start running again. You have been doing great getting your cardio in and that will really help, too. Love the new countdown!

  2. Anonymous

    Good job, Londell, on the exercising. I'm not running right now, but I'm finding that spinning classes and swimming are working me hard. Tell Shelley it was good to see her at the UMTR fest.Molly Cochran

  3. Bill S


  4. SteveQ

    Yeah, I hear you – I got the arthritis verdict myself. Someday we'll be telling whippersnappers to stop running on our lawns.

  5. Carl Gammon

    Glad to hear the knee is doing better. I hope the wieght loss goes well, as the doc is right, that can only be good for the knee. I've made tht journey myself, and will be rooting for you.

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