Update, thoughts

For the first time in a long time, I looked at my junk e-mail box. I have a great spam filter but I am beginning to think I must be on the worlds list of under-endowed men. I have more junk mail on male issues that I would expect. Maybe once you reach 45 you go on some list? Either way, I deleted 631 e-mails tonight and I did not read any, just skimmed them… And that was just from the last 6 weeks!

Weight is down 3 pounds in the two weeks since I started this new goal. I was hoping for a 2 pounds per week average. I am not going to cry over 1.5 when we have holiday’s upon us… Been working out on average of about 45 minutes a day. Stationary bike, elliptical, and 15% grade treadmill at 2.5 to 2.0 MPH. Heart rate is not even up in these and not sure if that is a concern. Still trying to shake the chest congestion that has been there for months.

There has been some recent posts about one of my favorite running spots. I have ran the Minnesota River bottoms on the Bloomington side for years. The area from Lyndale to Highway 169 is flat and if you go to the end of Cedar Avenue and go towards Lyndale there is actually some hills. Not Murphy or Lebabnon type hills, but at least a change in elevation that is note-worthy.

I am hoping by March I am back on that trail at least 4 to 5 times a week. Could be a great time for organized Wednesday night runs! Such a nice trail and I guess I am biased as I live less than a mile from it!

So as with many, goals get shifted and changed due to things outside of our control. Races cancelled and races questionable. I have been getting pressure to do Grandma’s again. But that is a hard thing to get excited about. I made the 25 year goal, and that was it. I just do not care to have the crowds and over-charging for everything event once again. Who knows, one thing at a time!

In closing, in case if forget, on December 26 there will be a stub brothers reunion at Bunkers. If you need reminder, Mick Sterling and the Stud Brother are great!!! I am planning on being there! I thought I may put this in here now as with many of us, we are busy in the Holiday’s and posting less and less… Hibernation is common.

Carry on…


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  1. Beth

    You are doing great with your weight loss goal. Very nice especially during the holiday season. March isn't too far away and you will be back on the trails again. It will be great!

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