Every Minute things happen…

As we near the end of this decade, I came across a picture which shows 20 things that happen each minute of each day. So these happened 3 times while I did this post… These include:

1) Average American household makes $0.096 whereas Oprah makes $523
2) 250 babies are born, 113 into poverty and 15 with birth defects
3) Someone working in a Nike Factory in Vietnam makes $0.0014 and Nike makes $36,505
4) 55,757 barrels of oil are used

WOW. There are many more startling statistics out there, but I ran into this and quickly shared it. Click on the photo for better resolution.

On running ( or should I say walking and workout) update, did 40 minutes at 15% incline and 3.3 MPH and felt OK. Will keep doing what I can as life is busy, which is good. We had another leave our office to other employment and in these times, we are not replacing the positions so we are not down from 6 to 4 in my position. Fortunately, with the economy, it is not horrible but we are now busy.

In closing, it was with sadness that the running community lost a good friend to many. Cynthia Brockman passed after battling cancer. Having only met her once, I never really got to know her. Although I followed her cancer battle in her Caring Bridge site. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/cynthiabrochman. As I have written before blogs let us know a person and feel their trials and tribulations without ever meeting them and spending time in person with them. I wrote about this a while back: http://runlondell.blogspot.com/2009/08/what-is-blog-and-why-blog.html . There is also a great post about her at: http://runningminnesota.blogspot.com/2009/05/cynthia-brochman.html as well a a story at: http://www.snowshoemagazine.com/viewContent.cfm?content_id=582.

Death of a loved one is always hard to accept. I have had many friends pass on in the past including two great high school friends in an auto accident in 1980, a suicide of a college friend in 1990, and many others over the years. Most recently, in 2006, I lost a great friend and I wrote about her a few times. Most recently when I explained she was one of the reasons I finish my post with Carry On. http://runlondell.blogspot.com/2008/08/carry-on-all-you-quiet-dreamers-carry.html

In times like these when we lose ones we cherish, there is little we can do but remember their energy, smiles, zest for life and carry on. I remember the one time I met Cynthia and she had a one in a million smile and loved life. Something I need to remember more often, life is precious and I need cherish the time I have more often… I wish you all a great 2010 and beyond!

Carry on!



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3 responses to “Every Minute things happen…

  1. Beth

    A lot to think about in this post. Those are indeed startling statistics. You were lucky to meet Cynthia and I was sorry to hear about her passing. I thought Chad's interview of her was very inspiring.

  2. Helen

    Happy New Year Londell! I hope 2010 brings you back to running strong and keeping healthy. I didn't know Cynthia but had read Chad's interview also and saw many people running in her honour at various races this year. It certainly brings new meaning to all that we have and can do.

  3. Karen G

    happy new year- hope to see you out on the trails this year.

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