No I am not dead, but…

This is not a joyous post, so I will start on a light note. Take a look at some artwork I stumbled upon… See a portion of his art is above. SO COOL!

Now, life sure can suck… But then again, I have to remember I have a life?

OH, ON A SIDE NOTE: The Eli Young Band is going to be at the Cabooze next month. Check out the website if you do not know them. I saw the Zac Brown Band there three weeks before they released their top selling recording… I will never see them for $12 again… This may not be to the liking of you metal heads, but it is my kind of music!

It has been a while since my last post. My last post asked about ice bath as I have been trying to help with my plantar fasciitis issues as well as some tendinitis and possible meniscus tear in the right knee.

Kel’s suggestion was a well thought out reply was really nice to have. She stated an idea was a protocol to immerse the lower body to the top of the hip bone for 1 minute in cold water (temp 45-50 degrees F) followed immediately by immersion for 2 minutes in hot water (temp 104-108 degrees F). Alternate between cold & hot 5 times for a total of 15 minutes. She stated the findings of the study indicated strength, power, and muscle soreness improved with contrast baths compared to the control group, which did nothing but rest. She also mentioned the baths were done immediately after a high intensity weight lifting session rather than endurance exercise lasting several hours.

I tried this and seem to make the body feel a little better than just the ice bath. I had been icing the sore area and immediately applying the heat pad in intervals as an option. I will try this later this spring when I get a hot tub close to a bathtub… Will post results if I get a chance.

With all of that, I am suffering, bad. My plantar fasciitis in my left foot is getting worse, not better. My right knee is worse. It wakes me at night. After waking in the morning or after sitting for more than an hour, I get up in more pain than the day after my successful 77 mile run in 2007.

Bummer, so I have not written much lately, as it is all not positive. I have continued to run but not more than 20 miles a week as I want to stay in some sort of shape so I get that 25 consecutive grandma’s completed. I am pretty sure after Grandma’s I will be out as both legs have major issues. I may call the physician and see if he can treat me like Roger Clemons and give me a couple of injections, which might help?

Other things also have occupied me. One is my work life has not been enjoyable. In this economy, seems everyone is struggling and reaching everywhere for help, and I have no way t help them. This is sad in itself. I had another friend who is 57 years old just be laid off after 19 years of dedicated service. I thought is due to the economy but found they also hired new college grads for those positions, at half the pay. That is a reality…

Another is my Grandmother passed away. Although, for me, this was not as hard on me directly, but it is hard on my Dad. But the death made me relive Dana’s death. Death is a funny thing.

I recall as a child, sex was taboo subject and death was not. Now, America seems to speak freely about sex, but death has become a subject we’d rather not talk about. I often thought about why I do not talk about death? In general, human beings are afraid of death. It is related to the fear of the unknown. The question is: Is there life after death?

I used to be firmly convinced that there is nothing after death. This made me very afraid and desperate. I remember that as a child sometimes, while lying in my bed, I suddenly realized there would come a day that I wouldn’t exist anymore. It was such a big and horrible thing to think about. I called my mother for comfort, but what else could she do than say that I was still young and it was not yet my time to go. I pushed my fear away, but it could pop up any time.

As a young adult, my three-year-old nephew died. I still recall the words from the pastor who stated “death is not to be feared or sadden as God has a life for us all.” He stated that “Aaron live a very full life that God gave him, even if it was only three years.” He challenged us to live the life we have and cherish every moment, as that is what Aaron did?

When Dana died, my fear of death came back in huge proportions. I have always been taught that I should not ignore my fears, but face them. I am not sure I ever faced that loss. I recall wondering if I would never enjoy life again. I haven’t talked much about death with my surroundings, although I sometimes have felt the need to. I just keep my mouth shut because I think that people don’t want to hear about that unpleasant subject. People don’t want to be reminded of their finiteness.

Anyway, I am still doing what I can to assure I will make Grandma’s a success, but I am pretty sure I will need weeks if not months after that to heal. Plantar fasciitis alone can take a great deal of time, but I have battled it before and after two years (1987-1989), I had no issues. So once again, I will do what I need to do, and I will get out there again feeling healthy and enjoying the runs.

Until then, I will continue to live the life the best I can and be grateful that God has given me another day…

Carry on…



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4 responses to “No I am not dead, but…

  1. Beth

    I've missed your posts but can see that you have a lot going on. The first time I had PF, I really struggled. The second time, I went to Spine & Sport in Maple Grove and they got me through it very quickly while I was training. Just a thought. I'm sorry about the death of your grandmother and the sadness that it is bringing you and your family. I agree that people don't want to talk about it, and that's a shame because the loss of a loved one is something that we can all identify with. Take care and try to find joy in the everyday things.

  2. Diane

    Thanks for the news about the Eli Young band. I’m definitely going to try to make it to seem them. I’m jealous that you saw Zac Brown band, too!Sorry to hear about your pain. Grandma’s is such a milestone that I agree, do whatever you need to to get through it and worry about the recovery later.Take care,Diane

  3. SteveQ

    I too have had plantar fasciitis and know how frustrating it is. Some find relief with a device that’s strapped to the foot while they sleep; I’ve never tried it. I found deep tissue massage helped (though it hurts like hell).I’ve lived through a lot of losses, especially lately; I’ve sort of become numbed to it and that bothers me more than anything. Not that I’d want to relive the pain I went through when my fiance died (15 years before I could pretend life was back to normal) – but one needs to grieve. Any time you want someone to talk to, just let me know.

  4. Scott Mark

    Londell I am very, very sorry for your loss. Hope you find a way to navigate that – it’s a very personal journey.I have a couple of brief injury thoughts – I have been seeing Jenna Boren for Active Release Therapy – have you considered that approach? And for the plantar fascitis, there was a recent thread on RunningBarefoot that might be worth mining:, granted that is a self-selecting community. I am not dogmatic like many barefoot runners, however I do believe firmly that my feet and legs have become stronger through barefoot running, and am hoping that will help prevent some running injuries. It’s a controversial topic though…

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